Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be Content!

YOU’RE QUALIFIED! (2) (Word For You Today Devotional)

“If you’re content to…be yourself, your life will count.” Mt 23:12 The Message

Do you remember Rosa Parks, the black woman who refused to surrender her seat to a white man and move to the back of the bus? There was more at stake that day than just a ride home from work. By simply being herself, Rosa suddenly moved to center stage. She wasn’t playing games. She was the real thing, and God shone a light on her soul that day that changed history. That’s how it works: when God’s light shines on your efforts, little becomes much. Jesus said, “If you’re content to…be yourself, your life will count.” Now, since God is the only One who knows when your time will come, you must be prepared. “How do I do that?” you ask. The Bible answers: “Be content with who you are…don’t put on airs. God’s…hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time” (1 Peter 5:6-7 The Message). Allow the Holy Spirit to be your agent and advance man. Don’t get ahead of Him. Just be faithful; when the time is right God will shine His spotlight on the next stage and assign you an even bigger role. And when the moment comes for you to stride confidently into the spotlight and fulfill your God-given role, try to remember that there’s no room for self-importance and pretense. This moment calls for: (1) stripping away all lesser roles you’ve acted out and settled for; (2) discovering who you are and what your life is really about; (3) depending totally on God to help you give the most authentic performance of your career.
Oh, I loved this devotional. My prayer recently is that I would be content, truly content with where God has called me. As of January 1st, I have taken on a new role in ministry as the Next Generation Pastor (birth-12th grade) at the same church I've been serving for 7+ years, Capital City Church! I really never dreamed that I'd be in this position, but God did! He has placed an amazing team of people/leaders around me to help me and for that, I'm so grateful! I love the fact that the now 12th graders were my first 5th graders when I came. I know them and their families, and most of the middle/high school students serve in CapCity Kidz Ministry. God has placed amazing students around me to pour into, to lead and love! I love the verses in 1 Peter. I just want to be me ... and I only want more of Jesus in my life and less of me. Lord, I pray that You'll increase and I'll decrease. 

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