Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Trip!!!

In February, I had the chance to take a ROAD TRIP!!! I love, absolutely love road trips! I left after church on Sunday and made a stop in Alabama for a few days. I got to visit sweet friends, the Mannings. We had a great time together!
 Jeanne and me

Lauren and me

Then off I go to FL to surprise Marissa on Tuesday! I loved it and yes, she was surprised! As I was tucking her in that night, she said, "Aunt Sissy, you are a great surprise!" Oh, man, melt my heart! :) We had a fun week together and did lots of fun things as we all pitched in and helped get ready for her 6th birthday.

Gramma Linda and Marissa

Boom-boom and Marissa

Marissa's "birth-time" gifts given at 8:35 am!

Gramma Linda, Marissa and Boom-boom with her new moose pillow.

Marissa wanted a "lemon" themed birthday party. Kelly made the most DELICIOUS lemon birthday cake! 

She had a picnic in the front yard with her closest friends!

Aunt Sissy and Marissa.

Ty, Marissa and Kelly

Marissa's very own deer mount for her bedroom!

Right before we said our good-byes, Marissa and I had to do some sack jumping! We had so much fun together!

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