Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Sandwiches with Marissa

So, instead of having lunch with one of my students today (typically Thursdays), I got to have a "pink sandwich" with my niece, Marissa! It has become tradition when I'm with her that we find a nearby Dunkin' Donuts and get one of her favorite things ... a "pink sandwich" -- which translates into a pink frosted donut with sprinkles. The one she chose today was filled with Boston Creme filling. Of course, she ate "half" and gave me the other 3 bites!

I asked her a few questions about herself and here's what I learned about Marissa:
Favorite color: pink and all
Favorite animal: horse
Favorite movie: Black Beauty
Favorite food: cake and ice cream, and donuts, of course
Favorite drink: lemonade
Favorite game: Hungry, Hungry Hippo
Favorite song: Father Abraham
Favorite TV/movie character: Ratatouille and Lightning McQueen
Favorite car: Hotwheels -- orange with a big exhaust
Favorite stuffed animal: Pup-pup
Favorite outside activity: having a picnic
Favorite ice cream: vanilla/strawberry
Favorite vegetable: celery (with peanut butter)
Favorite fruit: apple (with peanut butter)
Favorite flowers: snapdragons and tulips
Favorite supper: french fries, chicken nuggets, applesauce, oranges
Favorite shape: circle
Favorite candy: bubble gum
Favorite lipgloss flavor: bubble gum
Favorite friends: Taylor, Elleri, Molly and Jasmine
What she wants to be when she grows up: vet, animal shelter, pet store (all three wrapped up into one!)

Marissa, you are the best niece anyone could ever have! I love you so much!

Aunt Sissy

p.s. When I got here, I surprised her by coming in the front door! She didn't quite know what to think -- she seemed really happy! Before she went to bed, she hugged my neck and said, "Aunt Sissy, you are a great surprise!" AWWWW - how sweet, huh? Then the next day, she said, "You're still a great surprise!" I love that girl!

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