Monday, December 20, 2010

My Gram's 90th Birthday!!

So, my Grandma turned 90 on December 14! It was so fun to see those who came out to wish her well on the Sunday before. All of her kids were there, and most of her grand-kids and great grand-kids, too. What a treasure she is -- and someone who lives a very full life and always has! She loves Jesus with all of her heart, too, and that is the most important thing to her and she wants to make sure that everyone has Jesus in their heart! She is an example to so many and I'm so thankful she is my Gram!
 Here we are at Gram's party (Joe, Lori, me, Gram, Dad and Mom).

Here is a quick shot of Gram and me before I left. (Doesn't she look so pretty with her snazzy red/black top and those blue eyes?!) 
Happy 90th Birthday, Gram! I love you so!

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