Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recap of Kids Events this summer ...

June 21-27, Missions Extreme Camp:
  • Monday/ Tuesday kids arrived and began working on ministry training -- either human videos or clowning.
  • Wednesday was filled with various service projects and some last minute ministry training.
  • Thursday was our fun day -- all day at Cedar Point!
  • Friday we set-up for the outreach all day long ... lots of prepping for the big outreach.
  • Saturday was the Convoy of Hope outreach in the city of Painesville! (Here are just a few highlights from the day: 3127 guests, 1400 volunteers, 125 adult salvations, 80 kids salvations, 471 haircuts, 65 participating organizations, 58 participating churches, 360 family portraits, 350 dental guests including 70 tooth extractions, 50 nurses, 500 blood-sugar tests, 17 employers for the job fair, 600 pairs of shoes, and 4500 hotdogs!)
  • Sunday we had the great opportunity to be at Painesville Assembly of God with their congregation to share what God did throughout our week!
July 12-16, High Seas Expedition Vacation Bible School:
  • The CapCity VBS Team did an amazing job this week! We had a great week with many new faces! Our kids did an amazing job of bringing their friends!
  • During the week, we had an offering contest between the boys and the girls. The offerings collected on Monday - Thursday all go to BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) -- and if the boys gave the most, then I got a pie in the face and if the girls gave the most, then First Mate Mr. Matt got the pie. It was close ... the girls were ahead all week, but on Thursday night, the boys won out! And yes, yours truly got a pie in the face! (One of our favorite songs during the week was ... "Pie in your face, pie in your face, lookin' like a fool with a pie in your face!")
  • On Thursday night as well, Captain Crawdad did an amazing job at the gospel presentation and many children asked Jesus to be their very best friend that night!
  • Station leaders, crew leaders, and every volunteer outdid themselves each and every night! Registration, food preparation and media went smoothly each night as well. Every part of VBS was wonderful ... what an awesome team!
July 19-24, Kids Camp -- Keepers of the Cross:
  • Right after VBS, I headed to Heartland Conference Retreat Center for a week of Kids Camp!
  • 7 kids from CapCity were able to attend! They all had a great time!
  • The evening services were definitely highlights for me ... Pastor Jay spoke on Monday about salvation, Pastor Becky spoke on Tuesday about the Holy Spirit, Miss Jenilee spoke on Wednesday about spiritual growth, I spoke on Thursday night about "going into all the world" and Friday morning, Pastor Josh spoke on being Keepers of the Cross.
  • Each night before the message, a skit was performed by the "Keepers of the Cross". We had such a fun time with that! Pastor Carl ... AKA "Jester" was the star in the evening skits!
  • Worship time each night was amazing as over 300 kids sang songs to God at the top of their lungs. It was so awesome!
There were lots of little events that happened throughout the summer, but these were some of the highlights! Hope you enjoy!

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