Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting ...

Sometimes God calls us to be content in our discontentment. I think that can be defined as "waiting".

Rick Warren says this, "You can't hear God's voice if you're rushing. You must be resting."

"I wait quietly before God." Psalm 62.5 (NLT)

Definition of "waiting": remaining inactive in one place while expecting something

Definitions of "wait on": a) to perform the duties of an attendant of servant for; b) to supply the wants of a person, as serving a meal or serving a customer in a store; c) to call upon or visit (like to "wait on" Her Majesty at the palace)

I beg to differ though ... as Christians, can we remain inactive and "wait"? Or should our focus be who we can "wait on"?

I will choose to do what God is leading me to do.

So, Lord, while I'm waiting, I will serve You, I will worship You, I will not faint, but I will run the race You've set out before me with obedience, boldness and confidence because I love You and Your ways are higher than mine, Your plans are perfect.

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