Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Nines ... Leadership

There was recently an online leadership conference ... called The Nines ... different leaders spoke for 9 minutes about leadership. I was not able to "attend", but some of my ministry friends got to. I was reading one blog by BLeach and here's what he got from one guy. It's a VERY good way for replicating servants/volunteers, constantly having an apprentice with you whether it's in service, getting ready for an event, or whatever. Good stuff!

Here's a five-step process Dave Ferguson shared for developing another leader.

1. I do, you watch.
2. I do, you help.
3. You do, I help.
4. You do, I watch.
5. You do, someone else watches.

Really simple, but it's a process that has the ability to create a reproducing culture in the church.

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