Saturday, September 5, 2009

My beautiful niece ...

Look at my sweet niece, Marissa! She is so pretty! Her blue eyes are the best -- just like her Daddy's. Her family came up to Ohio during the summer time and we had such a nice time together. She got to play with her cousins, Madison and Mason, Gavin and Lincoln. They all played so well together and had such a fun time (they are all sitting on the couch below)! Then after our time together in Ohio, they had to go back to their home in Florida. I got to see them again in a few days when I was at General Council in Florida. Marissa and I ran to the ice cream truck which was down the street at the park. She wanted to have a strawberry ice cream cone, but they didn't have that. They only had strawberry popcicles. But she was fine with that! We skipped all the way home -- that is such a happy memory in my mind. I love every time I get to spend with Marissa (and Ty and Kelly, too). Looking forward to the next time ...
Aunt Sissy loves you, Marissa!

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  1. Hi Staci! I got your comment about my NEST Pillow. I am so glad that you like it. I dont sell these, but I would be glad to help you make one if you want. They were so easy to make. I am actually working on another right now.